Quinta do Cume - Winetourism

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The Douro region has charms that last throughout the year. Its landscape reveals itself to us with an ancient grandeur, with subtile details that smile only for us.

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In the winter, the cold winter breeze challenges us as we try to see more than our eyes can achieve.

The blossoming of the Portuguese broom and bell heather, as well as their wild scent that the breeze brings us from the mountains, gives us the same feeling of freedom as a kite flying over them. The spring silence is so flattering that it fills us with the pleasure of hearing the flapping wings of a bird of prey, whilst we follow its movements through the clear blue sky

The scorching sun, which visits us every summer, leaves us with painted brush strokes throughout our vineyards, as if it were an impressionist. The work of the whole year culminates in the harvest. The magical bustle of this moment is mixed with the singing of the workers, guided by the cut of their scissors, heard by all the roads and terraces of the region.

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All these moments are captured inside each bottle and glass of Quinta do Cume wines, which you can now enjoy after visiting our vineyards and wine-cellar.

We look forward to sharing these moments with you!